Treatment Group: $25 per group

We offer a substance abuse outpatient treatment group which meets on Mondays from 6pm to 7:30pm each week. Our treatment group is established to provide cost-effective services for individuals with multiple DUI offenses. On average you can expect to be in a group with 6 to 8 other supportive individuals working towards obtaining their license back and other goals they may have identified.  Our treatment group is setup to provide a nonjudgmental and confidential environment where individuals can develop necessary skills to avoid future alcohol and/or drug related legal problems, gain support from others, and obtain other identified goals.

Individual Sessions: $50 per session

We understand that groups aren’t for everyone. We also offer individual services; individual sessions can be scheduled at any time. The cost per individual session is $50.00. In some cases we may be able to accept insurance.

Everyone deserves to have a new start after a DUI in Kentucky. Our office provides DUI treatment in Lexington KY that will not only help you be a better person, but have you in compliance with DUI laws in the state of Kentucky.